How I Got the Glow With Skin Füd Cosmetics | 50th Birthday in Paris


On a momentous milestone, my 50th birthday, I jetted off to Paris to embark on a journey celebrating the wonders of perfuming and cosmetics. I treated myself to an amazing study-abroad experience in Grasse. There, with help from a private teacher at one of my favorite perfumeries, I discovered that cosmetic development is strikingly similar to perfume making – they are almost like sisters!

Upon returning home through the Paris Airport, I came across an extravagant $5k jar of skin cream – yes you read right – just for face cream which left me utterly stunned!  When inquiring if anyone purchased such expensive beauty products the saleslady simply laughed saying 'you won't believe how many people buy this cream'... it was then that my entrepreneurial spirit took over.

During this trip back home armed with a newfound expertise in cosmetic chemistry; what did I do? Well naturally, I analyzed all the premium creams out there to find their true cost. Shocked again on learning it would only cost around $7 per ounce to replicate such an extravagant $5k jar of skin cream; I began an exploration uncovering the secrets behind some of the world’s most expensive creams!

My curiosity led me on an adventure of research; what I discovered shocked me. Many conventional beauty products contain hormone-disrupting toxic ingredients.  They have even found these ingredients in breast tissue samples taken from cancer patients -- yet they’re still widely used today.

After embarking on a mission to uncover the best, most nourishing ingredients for my skincare routine, I whipped up my own concoction. Within days of using only top-notch components in my products, it was like life breathed into my skin again - and suddenly admiration replaced irritation as I watched the dull to glow unfold before me.

So why don’t cosmetic companies not turn to safer alternatives? -one word margin.  Nutrient rich face creams may just spell life for weary skin woes – its worked wonders for mine!

I'm on a mission to redefine skin care. No more need for expert-level chemistry degrees deciphering endless ingredient lists - just natural, active products that actually work! Your body thrives when you eat the right mix of nutrients so why not treat your skin with the same respect? Step away from toxic cosmetics and let nature do its magic by supplying your skin with nutrient rich vitamins and minerals!  Not just face creams but body lotions, serums, soaps and foundations...all free from toxins and loaded with vitamins and minerals. Get ready for beautiful results that actually last!

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