My Story

After studying in France, I returned to the United States and started to analyze the skin care products on the market.  I was shocked to learn that some of the most expensive products on the market use unnecessarily dangerous ingredients. I was also surprised to learn how little value customers were receiving from the ingredients these products were using.  If water is the first ingredient in your product, generally that thick cream you are using is made with 50-65% water. 

Frustrated by what I found available, I worked on producing a high-quality product line for my own personal use and received great results.

I incorporated the best of all ingredients, including some secret ingredients from the French. My goal was to have the best and highest quality ingredients combined into one skin product while keeping it all natural.  I wanted my product to rank 1 on COSDNA safety scale which is a 1-10 scale (1 being the safest) used in the cosmetic industry. 

It is estimated that our skin absorbs 60 to 70% of what we put on it, yet there is some debate about dermal absorption in the cosmetic community.  We know that the medical industry uses dermal absorption as the primary means to deliver some medication.  If medicine is delivered via the skin, why would we put harmful chemicals on our skin via our cosmetics?  Why wouldn’t we use only the best and safest ingredients on the market?